hw3-1238-key - STA 3024 Homework 3 Section 7454 Form A...

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Unformatted text preview: STA 3024 Homework 3 Section 7454 Form A Name: UFID: This form is only for students whose UFID number begins with 1, 2, 3, or 8. Answer all problems neatly . If you turn in more than one piece of paper, they must be stapled . Work that isnt neat or stapled may lose points. You dont need to turn in this problem listing, but you do need to include your name , UF-ID number , and form code on your homework. For all problems where you actually conduct a hypothesis test, be sure to clearly check the assumptions, state the hypotheses, show your work when conducting the test, find a p-value, and make a conclusion in the context of the problem. 33 points total 1. total points: 15 Suppose a hypothetical political action committee (PAC) is investigating the number of kept promises by elected members of the Federalist party and the Anti-Federalist party. The find data on six elected officials, and count the number of promises made during their campaigns that they kept before leaving office. Federalist 3 19 6 Anti-Federalist 2 4 7 (a) 1 point Which type of t-test would would like to use for this data? a 2-sample t-test (b) 1 point Why cant we use the above test? small sample size and no information about the normality of the population (c) 1 point What is appropriate nonparametric test? Mann-Whitney U (or Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon U or Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test) (d) Conduct the appropriate nonparametric test to determine if there is evidence that Federalist party members kept more promises than their opponents....
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hw3-1238-key - STA 3024 Homework 3 Section 7454 Form A...

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