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Chapter Three Notes- Non-Verbal Communication Non-verbal Communication Definition Any communication that does not involve words – gestures, touch, non-word sounds, language, etc. Important means of expression – in fact, it carries the impact of a message; if the verbal and nonverbal communication oppose one another, people usually trust the nonverbal communication Three key characteristics: Sensitive to the relationship between the sender and receiver Have meaning based on their context Part of, not separate entity from, verbal communication Sources Neurology Tendency to look in different directions when accessing different information – eye- accessing cues Culture Most of our gestures and body language cues come from the culture in which we’re born Nonverbal gestures are different throughout the world If you don’t belch at a meal in some Arab cultures, it’s a sign of disrespect The important thing to remember is that in all forms of communication, an understanding of the receiver is necessary Emotional Influences When a person is upset, sad, etc. you can tell just by looking at him/her, even if the person is trying to hide it Verbal and Nonverbal Relationships Substituting – nodding your head instead of saying yes Complementing – nodding your head and saying yes Conflicting – nodding your head and saying no Generally, you should trust the nonverbal communication
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Accenting – nonverbal communication adds stress to the verbal one (e.g. nodding your head vigorously while saying yes in order to signify that you’re really enthusiastic about your agreement) Channels of Nonverbal Communication Kinesics: The study of communication through the body or through body movements (Like
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COMM107-Ch.3 - Chapter Three Notes Non-Verbal Communication...

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