COMM107-Ch.4 - Chapter Four-Listening Listening Very...

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Chapter Four-Listening Listening Very important! We listen much more than we read, talk, or write Listening is the #1 most important skill in school, work, and home Key points to remember Listening is active! We think it’s passive because we’re just sitting there, but it requires a great deal of attention and thought Listening doesn’t just involve the ears! In a way, I wish they’d made this chapter about “receiving” rather than “listening” because listening can and does involve the eyes and body as well, particularly when you’re in a situation where you offer nonverbal feedback The Listening Process involves four steps: reception, attention, assignment of meaning, listener’s response Reception Hearing vs. listening Noise Recall and participation Dale’s Cone of Learning 70% learning with discussion 80% learning w/doing Reception – actually taking in the message Physiological impairment How many of you have iPods? How many of you like concerts or clubs? How many of you have woken up the morning after a concert or night at the club and your ears were still ringing? You need to protect your hearing mechanism from damage – a lot of people have really damaged their hearing because of their love of loud music. Listeners can only recall about 20% of what they hear The number is much higher as listeners participate So don’t just take notes, participate in discussion!
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Attention – focus on a specific stimulus selected from other stimuli Attention span – estimates of the amount of time an adult can concentrate on a single activity range from seven to twenty minutes Factors in Concentration Motivation How many of you have had a class where you don’t care at all about the subject matter? How about a class where you were really interested in what was being taught?
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COMM107-Ch.4 - Chapter Four-Listening Listening Very...

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