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COMM107-Ch.6 - Chapter Six-Interpersonal Communication...

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Chapter Six-Interpersonal Communication Basic Concepts of Interpersonal Communication Communication takes place within a system – as we enter into communicative relationships with others, we set a pattern by which we will interact We teach others how to treat us – often we wonder why people treat us the way they do; in many instances, it is because when they treat us in a particular way, we don’t object We communicate what and who we are – every time we communicate, we reveal a great deal about ourselves Much of our interpersonal communication centers on our wanting others to think or feel as we do; in other words, we often attempt to alter or reinforce behavior, gain compliance, give advice, or elicit some type of action “I” vs. “Me” Self-perceived “I” – the way you perceive yourself Other-perceived “me” – the person that others perceive you to be Objective is to have I=me Ways to react to imbalances o Change o Accept feedback, but don’t change o Resist – refuse to consider any suggestions o Ignore – block out all criticism Other Interpersonal Concepts Approval
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  • Spring '08
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COMM107-Ch.6 - Chapter Six-Interpersonal Communication...

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