COMM107-Ch.8 Notes

COMM107-Ch.8 Notes - • Closed – provide alternatives,...

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Chapter Eight—The Interview Interview Types Employment – Can be conducted over the phone, in person, or online o Employer finds out about you and you find out about the employer o Questions Job history, personal strengths/weaknesses, career aspirations, etc. Remember to tell stories, not just make statements Don’t lie; you will get caught! o Advice Dress professionally Present yourself confidently and professionally Look the interviewer in the eye Turn negatives into positives Ask questions at the end of the interview Information-gathering o What you’re doing for the Communication in the Field assignment o Importance of background research/preparation – you never know where an opportunity may lead Kinds of Questions Direct – explicit, require specific reply (e.g. Where did you get your bachelor’s degree?) Open – less direct, specify only the topic (e.g. What is your educational background?)
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Unformatted text preview: • Closed – provide alternatives, look for response on alternate ends of a continuum (e.g. Which do you think is more important: product knowledge or leadership ability? • Leading – want a specific answer (e.g. You wouldn’t say you favor gun control legislation, would you?) • Loaded – leading questions that are designed to trigger an emotional response (e.g. Did you actually make a difference or just waste your time?) • Probes – elicit a more detailed response (e.g. Why do you feel that way?) Interview Techniques • Prepare answers to common interview questions • Master the STAR method o STAR= Situation, Task, Action, Result o • Find an interview “buddy”...
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COMM107-Ch.8 Notes - • Closed – provide alternatives,...

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