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Additional Handouts for 212 Fall 2010006

Additional Handouts for 212 Fall 2010006 - :m O>><m...

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Unformatted text preview: ._.:m O:>..:>:<m 2322a. om 2:255 02m ._._._=nU n .23 “$5.35.... 1.3 55...: mm awn—.9. amen—.33.”. 0.. Scan. 02m n no: .320 u Ema—gamma 1.5mm u non—=me «Or—w u amen—.339: Era—25mm mi N HE: 553 3:“ E3: 2. wanmmnnmo... mm<mz n 5.5.? 09.3229 .38. Hmz u .25 Era...” a m 5...... Emr<m H wanna—30a. «0”: u 332. a... film: m=n==m m: Sana—u: m0§.<-20 n :12. m... 5.2.“: mi. Uoimsmnmuv Gain 3 r. mm? .253 i=3 2:. m In: .259 2:— 453 ME.“— 0.3 Ins. 02m diozubrzv E 13323:. Th .9 Revelation With explanations from the SeripLUres and from modern prophets and apostles. we are in a position to define many svmholic terms and expressions in The Revelation: :- woodman—1...:th I—ll-IIH Mr—dG' g... L11 s “Ht—nn—la—t—u—I Freon-uneasth Q ._t 'l M MJH JIJMM mH-JGNE-I'tf- ~.'| Lute Pb” muleLst-t m-b-Lfimt—l . . .thi'tJJle-lm wwwve. eta-eun- :Pth’i‘dt“ Seven angels: Seven ca ndlestichs: seven servants (1:4) seven churches {1:11} Nicolaitans: those who want to he members and vtorltllgir {2:5} New Jerusalem from heaven: City at" Enoch {3:12) Sea of glass: celestialined. sanctified earth {4:6} Beasts: beasts (4:45} Boole with seven seals: seven MUD-year periods of world‘s history {5:1} A Lamh: Christ {5:45) Horses: representative of events in ll‘tllfl-vear periods {15:2} Settling in foreheads: calling and election sure (1:3) Half hour of silence in heaven: unlcuown {3:1} A star fallen from heaven: LucilerlSatan {SAD} Locusts: armies {in the battle of Armageddon] {9:1} hbatldon or Apollvon: Satan {9:11) The little boolc: John's mission {to gather tribes of Israel) [ill-.2} Party and two months: the Great ifltpostassr [11:11 Two witnesses: two prophets in Jerusalem {11:3} A woman: the Church of God [12:1] Twelve stars: lWeive apostles {11:1} Great red dragon: Satan {11:3} Third part of the stars of heaven: the third who followed Satan {12:4} Millennial Kingdom of God (12:5) Man child (given birth by the woman}: (12:?) War in heaven: dispute over eternal plan of salvation Michael: Adam {12:1} 1555 [the number of the beast]: unknown {13:13] Mount Zion: New Jerusalem in Missouri {usually} {14:1} 144.11%: special missionaries or high priests [14:1] Angel flying in the midst of heaven: lvloroai {and others!) Babylon: the wicked world {14:8} The harvest: separation of tigitteouslwielted+ Christ‘s 2nd Coming Vials: judgments or plagues {15:1} The great whore: ehurch ol' the devil ll'l:ll Red apparel: blood of Atonement. Christ's vesture at 2nd Coming Marriage or" the Lamb: the 1nd Coming {1911'} Bottomless pit: hell (211:1; also 9:1} Gog and Magog: great battle after the Millennium {211:3} Lake of fire and brimstone: torment of disappointment {hell} Another book [for judgment]: heavenly book of life (sons: New heaven and new earth: terrestrial andlor celestial earth The bride, the Lamb‘s wife: the New Jerusalem (21:9) Twelve names on twelve gates: twelve tribes {11:12} Twelve names on twelve foundations: twelve apostles {21114} The tree of life [and its fruit]: love of God. celestial glory (22:2) Root of David: Christ [22:16} {14:5} [14:l5} {11:4} [20:10} {21:1} ...
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Additional Handouts for 212 Fall 2010006 - :m O>><m...

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