Lab 04 - Microarchitecture

Lab 04 - Microarchitecture - BYU CS/ECEn Microarchitecture...

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Unformatted text preview: BYU CS/ECEn Microarchitecture Lab 1 Lab 4: MSP430 Microarchitecture n MSP430 Microarchitecture Simulator: n Use the MSP430 Microarchitecture Simulator to create a machine that implements the Texas Instruments MSP430 ISA. n Generate a Finite State Machine (FSM) for fetch, decode, evaluate source, evaluate destination, execute, and store cycles of MSP430 instructions. n Execute a program that displays an incrementing counter in the simulator LEDs. n Learning Objectives: n Learn how a microarchitecture executes computer instructions. n Learn about multiplexor, decoder, driver, ALU, and register circuitry. n Learn about program counter, stack pointer, and condition code registers. n Understand better the difference between clock cycles and instruction steps. MSP430 Microarchitecture BYU CS/ECEn Microarchitecture Lab 2 MSP430 Machine Code ;*************************************************************** ; MSP430 Micro-Architecture Simulator Code ; ; Description: Display an incrementing counter in LEDs. ; ;*************************************************************** .cdecls C,LIST, "msp430.h" .text 8000: 4031 0300 RESET: mov.w #0x0300,SP ; Initialize stack pointer 8004: 40b2 5a80 0120 mov.w #WDTPW+WDTHOLD,&WDTCTL ; Stop WDT 800a: d0f2 000f 0022 bis.b #0x0f,&P1DIR ; Set P1.0-3 output 8010: 430e mov.w #0,r14 8012: 4ec2 0021 loop: mov.b r14,&P1OUT ; output P1.0-3 8016: 531e inc.w r14 8018: f03e 000f and.w #0x000f,r14 ; mask counter 801c: 401f 0003 mov.w delay,r15...
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Lab 04 - Microarchitecture - BYU CS/ECEn Microarchitecture...

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