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Session 2011-2012 UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Module Supervisors: Prof Tim Hatton Dr Jonathan Halket EC111 INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS This module provides a broad overview of economics suitable as an introduction to the subject for all undergraduates. It is designed to develop students’ knowledge of economic ideas in the context of contemporary issues using the tools of elementary economic analysis. Students are shown how to apply economic reasoning to a range of problems relevant for understanding the mechanisms and institutions which allocate and distribute resources. In the Autumn Term theories of individual (micro) behaviour are introduced, including consumer decision-making as well firms’ conduct in different market structures. In the Spring Term the focus shifts to the study of aggregate (macro) level economic activity: inflation, unemployment, business cycles and economic growth. The national economy is analysed in a global environment that includes international trade, monetary and financial systems. The effects of government policy and the choice of those policies is analysed throughout the module. ASSESSMENT Details of assessment and submission deadlines are contained in the Undergraduate Economics Handbook 2011-12 , available from room 5B.209. It is very important for you to obtain a copy of the Handbook. Further information about the module is contained in the University’s module catalogue, see: TEACHING There are two lectures per week in both the Autumn and Spring terms. In the Autumn Term, Tim Hatton will lecture on microeconomics. Jonathan Halket lectures in the Spring Term on macroeconomics. In addition, students are required to attend and prepare for a weekly class.
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2012 for the course EC 111 taught by Professor Timhatton during the Spring '12 term at Uni. Essex.

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EC111Outline2011-12 - Session 2011-2012 UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX...

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