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assign2-12 - 3.10 Sta PVC(crest 0 00 Elev PVC(crest 100ft...

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Purdue University School of Civil Engineering CE 361 – TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING Assignment 2 Problem Answer 3.6 200.43ft 3.9 Sta PVT (crest) 3+02 Elev PVT (crest) 96.98ft Sta PVC (sag) 40+15 Elev PVC (sag) 22.72ft Sta PVT (sag) 42+87 Elev PVT (sag) 20ft
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Unformatted text preview: 3.10 Sta PVC (crest) 0+00 Elev PVC (crest) 100ft Sta PVT (crest) 3+27.48 Elev PVT (crest) 96.45ft Sta PVC (sag) 37+05.05 Elev PVC (sag) 23.2ft Sta PVT (sag) 40+00 Elev PVT (sag) 20ft 3.12 8.633ft 3.40 9.66ft (given answers in book are wrong)...
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