assign5-12 - 5.16 15.34min; 317.32veh-min 5.24 0.667veh;

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Purdue University School of Civil Engineering CE 361 – TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING Assignment 5 Problem Answer 5.2 51.58mi/h, 60mi/h (hint: use dq/du=0 to get second equation to solve for two unknowns, a and b ) 5.13 52.5min 3037.5veh-min Maximum queue = 90 FIFO = 15min; LIFO=52.5min
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Unformatted text preview: 5.16 15.34min; 317.32veh-min 5.24 0.667veh; 0.333min/veh;0.667min/veh 5.31 2.41veh/min Hint: develop equation for maximum queue set equal to 0 and get equation for t. Then use this equation in queue equation with queue = 4. 5.37 Multiple choice 5.38 Multiple choice...
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