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CE 361 In-Class Design Problem #2: Geometric Design (1) For this exercise, you are to use the vehicle you designed in the first in-class design problem to undertake the following: 1. Compute K-values for 50 mi/h on crest and sag curves assuming your car is on poor, wet pavement with ABS. Use the driver eye height and headlight height of your design vehicle. The object height (2ft) and headlight angle (1 degree) are the same as today's standards. Assume η b = 100%, no aerodynamic resistance (i.e., use Eq. 2.43), and L >
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Unformatted text preview: SSD. Do not forget to add the reaction time of 2.5s to your computed stopping distance. Compare your K-values with current design K-values in Tables 3.2 and 3.3. 2. Consider Problem 3.15 (done as an example in class). Determine the length of the existing level highway must be reconstructed to provide a design speed of 50mi/h using the K-values you computed in part 1 (above). Compare lengths with Problem 3.15 as solved in class. Comment briefly on your findings....
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