Subtractive primaries cyan c magenta m and yellow y

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Unformatted text preview: e perceived color is what is not absorbed (reflected) • CMY based on subtractive primaries: cyan (C), magenta (M), and yellow (Y) CMYK Model • Problem with CMY model: – Because of imperfect primaries, can’t entirely absorb all colored light (i.e., make black) – Usually produces a dark greyish brown • Solution: add black (K) as a fourth primary • CMYK most common model for printers Luminance and Chromaticity Luminance • Technically, • RGB and CMYK aren’t the most intuitive model of colors. • Artists usually think of dark/light and color as two different things: – Luminance = incoming light – Brightness = perceived incoming light • Many color models make the luminance or brightness an explicit component of the color model though by varying names: – – – – – – – Luminance (brightness) – Chromaticity (color) Luminance Intensity Brightness Lightness Luma Value Chromaticity Tints and Shades • Requires two parameters • Lightening or darkening colors: – Usually: • Hue • Saturation – Tint: adding more white to a color – Shade: adding more black to a color The dominant wavelengt...
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