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Video Compression Video Compression CS 450: Introduction to Digital Signal and Image Processing Bryan Morse BYU Computer Science Video Compression Storing Video ± Simplest: Store fully-encoded uncompressed frames (2-D images) as a sequence ± Better: Individually compress each frame ± Even Better: Take advantage of interframe redundancy ± Simple frame subtraction and encode/compress the difference ± “Delta frames”
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Key Frames ± Problems with delta frames: ± what if you drop/miss/corrupt a frame during transmission? ± random access? ± Solution: ± Encode every n -th frame independently ± Encode intermediate frames as deltas ± These independently encoded frames are called key frames ± Can also try to intelligently place key frames (recognize scene cuts, etc.) Video Compression Motion ± Problem: frame differencing has problems with motion ± object movement ± panning ± zoom ± Opportunity: an object may be consistent but moving— how to take advantage of this redundancy? ± Solution: motion prediction/compensation
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video.slides.printing.2 - Video Compression Video...

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