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Chemical Engineering 374 Reading Questions 1—Syllabus, Chapter 1 Name ________________________________________________________ 1. Besides class lectures, what other lectures are you required to attend for this class? 2. When are reading questions due for the given lecture/reading assignment? 3. What should you do if you feel that you are being subjected to sexual discrimination or harassment? 4. What is a fluid and how is it distinct from a solid? 5. What is a stress?
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Unformatted text preview: How is it related to pressure? 6. Explain the no-slip condition. 7. Define “steady”, “uniform”, and “unsteady” flows. 8. What is the difference between a control mass and a control volume in fluid mechanics? 9. How many digits of accuracy should be a. retained in final calculations? b. retained in intermediate calculations? c. assumed on uncertain quantities? 10. Why is it incorrect to use lbf and lbm interchangeably?...
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