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Chemical Engineering 374 Fall 2010 Reading Questions 3—Chapter 3.1 Name ________________________________________________________ 1. How does gage pressure differ from absolute pressure? Which is used in thermodynamic relations such as the ideal gas law? 2. Write the following 2 eqns. five times each (or until memorized): dP/dz = - ρ g, P= ρ gh (the latter for const ρ, g; remember, z point up). 3. What do you do if you want P, but ρ and or g varies? (Don’t just write stuff, make sure
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Unformatted text preview: you know how to do it.) 4. What assumptions are made in the derivation of Equation 3-9? 5. How would Equation 3-9 change if horizontal body forces were also present? 6. When gravity is the only body force present (the usual case), how does pressure in a static fluid depend on the horizontal x and y directions? 7. Write 1 atm of pressure in units of psi, and Pa. 8. Write 1 atm of pressure in units of psi, and Pa. (Repeat instead of counting sheep)....
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