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Unformatted text preview: CHE 633--Combustion Priciples Assignment 2. Due 1/18/10 Problem 1: Turns problem 2.17 Problem 2: Turns problem 2.11 Problem 3: Plot profiles of complete combustion products for ethylene in air versus equivalence ratio (0-10). Include ethylene, CO2, H2O, O2, N2. Make two plots one of mass fractions, and one of mole fractions. Include all species on each plot. Problem 4: Repeat problem 3, but plot versus mixture fraction on the range 0-1. Problem 5: Compute the stoichiometric mixture fraction for a pure ethylene stream and a pure air stream. Compute the stoichiometric mixture fraction for a fuel stream consisting of mole fractions C2H4=0.2546, N2=0.7454, and an oxidizer stream with mole fractions O2=0.2641, N2=0.7359. Problem 6: For products of complete combustion of ethylene (stream 1), air (stream 2) mixtures, plot the adiabatic flame temperature as a function of mixture fraction. Include the stoichiometric point, and enough other points to see the shape of the curve. ...
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