what accounts for the big difference explain which

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Unformatted text preview: thod to compute the equilibrium composition of methane/air combustion at a mixture fraction of 0.3166 (equivalence ratio = 7.935). Take the temperature to be 851 K and the pressure to be 1.0 atm. You may use the following product composition (products of complete combustion) to determine an initial guess: Yco2=0.109464, Yh2o=0.0896174, Yn2=0.5242376, Ych4=0.2766806. Include the following chemical species: CO, CO2, H2, H, OH, H2O, N2, N, NO, O2, O, CH4. You can use GasEq to check your answer. Use Excel's solver, or Mathcad's solve block, or Matlab's fsolve, etc....
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