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Compare the value to that given in your textbook

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Unformatted text preview: e, you can equilibrate in GasEq, then transfer species from products to reactants to reset the temperature. Problem 4: a. Use GasEq or another equilibrium program to plot adiabatic flame temperature versus mixture fraction for pure ethylene and air mixtures. Compare the plot to that from problem 7 of Assignment 3 (you can use my solution for this). Use "HC/O2/N2 products (rich)." b. Compare the temperature at an equivalence ratio of 100 using these products to the temperature at the same equivalence ratio using "Rich sooting products." What accounts for the big difference? Explain which product set you think is more reasonable. Problem 5: Turns problem 2.47 Extra Credit (worth 50% of a homework assignment) Use the element potential me...
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