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Unformatted text preview: CHE 633--Combustion Priciples Assignment 4 Due Friday, February 3, 2012 Problem 1: Consider a spark ignition engine with a compression ratio of 10, fed with a stoichiometric iso-octane/air mixture. The temperature of the premixed iso- octane/air in the inlet is 300 K. Using GasEq, compute the temperature, pressure, and internal energies at (a) the end of the adiabatic compression stroke, (b) the end of combustion, (c) the end of the expansion stroke. Determine the net work done per unit LHV of the fuel. What is the equilibrium NO at the end of combustion for engines with a compression ratio of 8 and 10? Problem 2: Turns 3.3 Problem 3: Turns 3.5 Problem 4: Turns 4.7 Problem 5: Turns 4.12 Problem 6: Turns 4.16 ...
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