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HW6 - CHE 633-Combustion Priciples Assignment 6 Due Monday...

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Unformatted text preview: CHE 633--Combustion Priciples Assignment 6 Due Monday, February 27, 2011 Problem 1: Derive Turns Eq. (15.6a) and Eq. (15.9a). Note, in the second of these equations, the term in brackets is the first equation. That is, get N in terms of a, y; and get a in terms of x, y, XO2. It should then be clear how the dry versions of these equations were found. Problem 2: Turns 15.5 Problem 3: (a) This problem is similar to Turns 5.13. Run an isothermal stoichiometric PFR with methane/air fed at 300 K. Run the reactor at 2216 K. Run for 200 ms (the residence time in the primary combustion zone of the furnace). Report the NO concentration. (b) Next, additional air is instantaneously added to the products of the first PFR and then reacted in a second PFR (the secondary combustion zone) such that the overall equivalence ratio is 0.9. Run the second PFR adiabatic. The secondary air is at 300 K. Report the NO concentration. Problem 4: Plot the adiabatic PSR temperature as a function of 1/tau for stoichiometric methane, and for syngas (80% CO, 20% H2 by volume). You will have two graphs on the same plot. Go up to extinction. What are the implications of these results. ...
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