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Lecture_14_notes - Chemical Engineering 633 Combustion...

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1 1 Chemical Engineering 633 Combustion Processes Cantera tutorial Cantera Open source software for combustion (and many other) applications Given a gas mechanism: elements, species, reactions, transport. Computes Thermodynamic quantities: T, ρ , P, u, h, s, g, C p , C v , etc. Transport properties: λ , μ , D ij , j i , etc. Kinetic properties: ω i , q i , ν , k, etc. These functions make make complex combustion calculations easy. Reactors, flames, CFD with complete combustion chemistry and transport! You have seen large mechanisms. You have computed the ω i and q i , and ν matricies by hand for a couple species! Reactors PFR (batch) PSR (CSTR) 1-D premixed and non-premixed flames. Others Matlab, Fortran, C++, Python interfaces: Window, Mac, Linux 2
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2 Using Cantera Installed on Caedm—Linux only From Windows, connect with RGS, or login to a Linux machine. Matlab interface. See posted notes for a Matlab tutorial.
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