Ch. 7&8 class notes

Ch. 7&8 class notes - Spatial Cognition and...

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Unformatted text preview: Spatial Cognition and Navigation: Getting from Here to There How do you find a place youve never been before? Novel route finding Not hard if you are going where you can see What strategies could you use? Need to know where you are, how far away it is, what direction to go Follow landmarks (ie. Cathedral, stars), narrative Maps What spatial abilities do you need? Understanding info of environment around you Motion, understanding of; perspective-taking Gender differences (controversial) Thoughts and understanding about space spatial cognition Spatial navigation purposive movement throughout absolute space Relative space = space as it exists to a person, infants use this as they are egocentric Spatial representation cognitive maps mental representations of physical space. Based on sensory input (visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory); spatial representation = spatial knowledge (if youve lived in a place for a year you are less likely to get lost than...
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Ch. 7&8 class notes - Spatial Cognition and...

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