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1 st wave: 1840s/50-1920s -issues: suffrage, property rights, being acknowledged as full citizens (Lec. 030112) -legislation: 19 th amendment -need to prove women are sane with that comes voting rights -no one would want a mentally disabled person voting -needed to prove they have the brain and rational thinking like men 2 nd wave:1960s-1980s -issues: role of women in family and workplace, political representation, sexuality, equal rights, abortion, birth control (Lec. 030112) -legislation: Equal Rights Amendment (failed), Roe v Wade (legalized abortion in 1973), led to marital rape laws, battered women’s shelters 3 rd wave: 1990s to present -issues: self-representation, sexuality, cultural, and racial diversity, continuing work of second wave (Lec. 030112) -legislation: Family Medical Leave Act in 1993, Gender Equity in Education Act in 1994, and Violence Against Women Act in 1994 -the word “postfeminist” is not a preferred word makes it sounds like current feminists are still bitter left overs from the second
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