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Chapter 18 - Rapid replacement of species along a spatial...

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Chapter 18- Community Structure Concept of Community o Holistic concept- the community as a whole, cannot be looked at by its individual parts Soil bacteria makes no sense without reference to the detritus they feed on, their consumers, and the plants nourished by their wastes Each species and its contribution to the dynamics of the whole o Individualistic concept- a fortuitous association of species whose adaptations and requirements enable them to live together under the physical and biological conditions of a particular place Interacting Populations o Closed community- each set of species with overlapping distributions is a closed community, a discrete ecological unit with distinct boundaries Shares the holistic view Ecotones- boundaries of such closed communities
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Unformatted text preview: Rapid replacement of species along a spatial transect or ecological gradient Prominent where sharp physical differences occur at the transition between environments o Open Community- the distribution of each species may not coincide closely with the distributions of others, so that the species appear to be independently distributed along a spatial transect No natural boundaries Extent is arbitrary o Continuum concept- the distribution of species along an environmental gradient Visualized by the gradient analysis- the abundance of each species is plotted on a continuous gradient of one or more physical conditions, such as moisture/temp/light level...
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