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Chapter 19 - second species becoming established o...

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Chapter 19- Ecological Succession and Community Development Successional Change o Succession- the sequence of changes initiated by a disturbance o Climax community- ultimate association of species Inhibit pioneering and transitional species of a sere o Sere- individual steps in the process of succession Abandoned field to pasture with tall grasses to pine forest to hardwood forest o Primary succession- new life where it was previously devoid of life Lava flows Sand sunes o Secondary succession- regeneration of a community following a disturbance Tornado levels a forest o Continuum index- the scale of an environmental gradient based on changes in physical characteristics or community composition along that gradient o Faciliation- processes by which one species increases the probability of a
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Unformatted text preview: second species becoming established o Inhibition- not allowing the presence of another species Eating them Reducing resources Attacking with noxious chemicals Antagonistic behavior o Priority effect- created by inhibition where the outcome of an interaction between two species depends on which becomes established first o Tolerance- the establishment of a sere of a species influenced by its dispersal ability and its tolerance of the physical conditions of the environment o Transient climaxes- communities in seasonal ponds that dry up in summer or freeze in winter o Cyclic climax- life history of a few dominant species in a simple community...
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