Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Chapter 20 Biodiversity Influences of...

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Chapter 20- Biodiversity Influences of Biodiversity o Biodiversity- the variation among organisms and ecological systems at all levels Genetic variation within populations Morphological and functional differences between species Variation in biome structure and ecostystem processes in terrestrial and aquatic systems o Species diversity-the number of species within an area, species richness Most common biodiversity studied o Abundance can be qualified by number, density, or biomass o Relative abundance- of a species is its proportional representation in a sample or community. Rank abundance plot- displays the abundances of species, ranked from the most common to rarest Usually contain many rare species and a few dominant ones o Simpson’s index- measures the probability that any two individuals drawn randomly from the sample will be the same species This combines species richness with variation in the abundances of species, also known as species evenness o Number of species increases with the area sampled Species-area relationship- number of species increases with area simply because more individuals are sampled Influenced by 3 things: Local sampling Formation of a variety of habitat types within a heterogeneous region Evolution of lineages on isolated continents
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Chapter 20 - Chapter 20 Biodiversity Influences of...

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