Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Chapter 24- Nutrient Regeneration in...

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Chapter 24- Nutrient Regeneration in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems Weathering makes nutrients available in terrestrial ecosystems o Once incorporated by primary producers, nutrients must be regenerated in usable forms by decomposition or replenished from outside the system for nutrient cycling to continue o Nutrients cycle quickly through the ecosystem: the soil, plant biomass, and detritus o Nutrients are lost in streams and groundwater and therefore need a source of new nutrients is needed if nutrient cycling is to continue at that same level and productivity o New nutrients are added from the weathering of bedrock, particulates from the atmosphere o Watershed- the entire drainage area of a stream or river, which all surface water and groundwater leaves at a single point Weathering can be estimated from precip input and loss in streams Nutrient regeneration in terrestrial ecosystems occurs in the soil o Uptake of nutrients sensitive to temp, moisture, pH o Rate of cycling through the ecosystem is limited by the slowest step, the decomposition of the detritus o The breakdown of leaf litter occurs: By water leaching out soluble minerals and small organic compounds By consumption by large detritivores Breakdown of the woody components and other carbs in leaves by fungi Decomp of almost everything by bacteria o Breakdown of leaves occurs at different rates for all different types of trees Depends on the amount of lignin in leaves, determines roughness Mycorrhizal associations of fungi and plant roots promote nutrient uptake o Mycorrhiza- “fungus root” enhances a plant’s ability to extract less soluble
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Chapter 24 - Chapter 24- Nutrient Regeneration in...

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