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Reaction Paper One

Reaction Paper One - Melissa Walters PS 298 Reaction Paper...

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Melissa Walters PS 298 Reaction Paper One Conservation Approaches: Developing Effective Conservation Regimes in Africa Over the past fifty years developed countries have spent around 2.3 trillion US dollars on development aid designed to spur economic growth and reduce poverty (Nelson 3). African countries have received to date the most development aid in comparison to Asian and Latin American countries. However, contrary to what developed nations intended development aid to do, in Africa the aid deepened financial crises and produced negative economic growth. The barriers to effective aid disbursement are equally if not more prevalent in the financing of conservation programs. This aid is disbursed through bilateral or multilateral means which may be counterproductive to institutional and governance reform. Throughout Africa successful conservation areas have been erected which support conservation efforts in a manner conducive to traditional views of ecosystems. In effect this would marry the ideas of government regulation of ecosystems and community based action. The conservation of ecosystems has become of major global concern within the past century. As a result, new policies were implemented from national governments to ensure these ecosystems were protected. This is known as a top down approach to conservation. Conservation policy is top down “when it is driven by national or international governments, international treaties, or large conservation organizations or corporations” (Abrams et. al. 2). The top down approach presumes that technological growth will provide quality of life benefits. In the United States the top down approach is consequential to government regulation. An example of this sort of government conservation of ecosystems is seen by the implementation of the Endangered
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Species Act. However, the United States is an example of just one approach to conservation.
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Reaction Paper One - Melissa Walters PS 298 Reaction Paper...

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