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Developing Systems Study Guide R: 2/3/11 BA 1. Learning from the text a. Chapter 17 (p. 246-256) b. B14 (p. 400-417) c. B15 (p. 418-431) 2. Identify/Understand Consequences of Software (Systems) Success or Failure 3. Know the phases of the SDLC a. Planning b. Analysis c. Design d. Development (Construction) e. Testing f. Implementation: g. Maintenance 4. Benchmarks for systems success 5. Software Development Methodologies a. Waterfall b. Rapid Application Development (RAD) c. Extreme programming (XP) d. Agile e. Role of ITIL 6. Agile principles 7. Project Management Applied to SDLC
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Feasibility: a. Technical b. Economic c. Legal d. Operational e. Scheduling 9. Implementation (construction) tasks and strategies. a. Train users b. Convert c. Benefits and Risks of conversion of different strategies i. Direct Conversion ii. Parallel Conversion iii. Phased Conversion iv. Pilot Conversion d. Acceptance testing 10. Project Management Issues a. Choose strategic projects b. Set the project scope c. Manage resources and maintain the project plan d. Change Management e. Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Risk Mitigation...
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