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Day 21—Collaboration and Innovation I. Learning from the text a. Before class assignment i. Textbook chapters 13 (pp. 179-187) and 15 (pp. 199-212) b. Learning Objectives (reading quiz prep) i. Compare disruptive and sustaining technologies ii. Define the relationship between the internet and the World Wide Web iii. Describe the Internet’s impact on information, along with how these changes are affecting businesses iv. Identify the different ways in which companies collaborate using technology v. Compare the different categories of collaboration technology vi. Define the fundamental concepts of a knowledge management system vii. Provide an example of a content management systems along with its business purpose viii. Evaluate the advantages of using a workflow management system
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Unformatted text preview: ix. Explain how groupware can benefit a business II. Key Terms a. business wikis b. collaboration system c. content management system d. core competency e. digital asset management system f. Digital Darwinism g. digital divide h. disruptive technology i. document management system j. explicit knowledge k. Groupware l. Hypertext transport protocol m. information collaboration n. Internet o. joint problem solving p. knowledge management q. process collaboration r. protocols s. semantic Web t. service-oriented architecture u. shadowing v. social networking analysis w. sustaining technology x. tacit knowledge y. videoconference z. Web 2.0 aa. Web conferencing bb. web content management systems cc. Wikis dd. workflow management systems ee. World Wide Web...
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21Collab&Innovstudyguide - ix Explain how groupware...

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