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CHAPTER 10 : EMPLOYEE SEPARATION AND RETENTION Managing Involuntary Turnover Involuntary turnover : Turnover initiated by the organization (often among people who would prefer to stay) Companies need to invoke a discipline program for employees that fail to meet performance requirements or will violate company policies while on the job Employment-at-Will Doctrine : The doctrine that, in absence of a specific contract, either an employer or employee could sever the employment relationship at any time Employees that are fired sometimes sue their employers Wrongful discharge suit attempts to establish: o Violated implied contract o Violated public policy o Civil rights infringement High monetary costs and personal safety risks to keeping poor performers within the organization o Principles of Justice Employees more likely to respond positively to negative feedback when they perceive the appraisal process as being fair on these dimensions: Fairness Perceptions Outcome Fairness : the judgment that people make with respect to the outcomes received relative to the outcomes received by other people with whom they identify o Fired employee feels it is unfair that others are not losing their jobs Procedural Justice : A concept of justice focusing on the methods used to determine the outcomes received o 6 Determinants Consistency Bias Suppression Information Accuracy Correctability Representativeness Ethicality Interactional Justice : A concept of justice referring to the interpersonal nature of how the outcomes were implemented o Explanation o Social sensitivity o Consideration o Empathy o Progressive Discipline and Alternative Dispute Resolution
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Termination should come about at the end of a systematic discipline program Effective discipline programs have 2 central components: Documentation – specific publication of work rules, job
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