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Unformatted text preview: Shafaat Rahman Speech 108 Atlantic Beaches On January 7 th , 2012, we will take a flight from Cordoba, Argentina, within the mountain range, to Mar del Plata, the closest airport to the Atlantic Beaches. The flight itself is only minutes in duration. Upon arrival, we will take a bus to Gran Hotel Fontainebleau. Located directly next to the beach, it has a spectacular view, enabling ocean side room occupants to witness an amazing sunset and sunrise. Once we have arrived at the hotel, fliers are free to either rest in their hotel rooms or explore the local area. Considering there is a small beach in close proximity, visiting the beach is also an option. We will have lunch and dinner at local restaurants in the area if not from the hotel itself. The next morning, on January 8 th , 2012, we will catch a bus to our first destination. The bus will be headed towards Villa Gesell. Villa Gesell is a spectacular beach. Resembling Miami Beach waters, crystal clear water is present. Other notable facts include amazing sand dunes perfect of ATVs or off-crystal clear water is present....
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