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Reading Response 1 - Shafaat Rahman Stories of the...

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Shafaat Rahman 1/31/12 “Stories of the Beginning” “The Iroquois Creation Story” “Pima Stories” Reading Response #1 – Creation of the World According to Judeo-Christian accounts of the beginning of the world, most of their beliefs on how life came to existence can be derived directly from the Bible. The Bible describes to us two creation stories of the how God had created. In the second story, it is said God used clay to create the original man, Adam, and a rib in to create Eve. In similar accounts in “The Iroquois Creation Story”, one of the twins are described as “The bad mind proceeded further in his motives and he made two images of clay in the form of mankind;”(22). The similarity in this situation is that in both accounts, the creator is noted to use clay to create a person however the difference is that in the first account clay is only mentioned to be used on one man while in the following story clay is noted to have been used on both individuals.
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