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Shafaat Rahman 2/2/12 “Native American Trickster Tales” “The Winnebago Trickster Cycle” Reading Response #2 – The Trickster According to the book the trickster can be a person or animal that can create mischief and harm to unknowing individuals. The trickster is a smart and sly creature able to fool the brightest of people. In the trickster tales, we are introduced to two different tricksters with ultimately the same motive; the two trickster’s names being Wakjankaga or the “The Foolish One” and Hare. The first trickster is more of a cocky, annoying one. In his head, he believes he can achieve anything as long as he can cause people to falsely believe in his lies, although, some of his tales are rather comical as well. From the teller’s point of view, the tale of the trickster is to teach the younger generation of basically keeping their guard up. The tales are like a warning, or advice to the youth to watch out for these. Referencing back to the comical aspect, at one point the
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