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Reading Response 4 - Shafaat Rahman Columbus Letter to Luis...

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Shafaat Rahman 2/7/12 “Columbus’ Letter to Luis de Santangel” “Letter to Ferdinand” Reading Response #4 – Columbus’ Journeys Concerning Columbus’ landing in South America, in other words the new world, Columbus’ initial perception of what to expect involved the discoveries of great towns or cities. Of course the idea of finding such places was in relation to Spain’s then constructed cities and towns. In other words, unless Columbus found areas that looked very similar or farther advanced than that of the Spanish kingdom, they were of unimportance or lacked interest to him. European ideas of great civilizations or kingdoms usually involved relating to their own like castles made of stone and proper governing systems with steel weapons able to inflict heavy damage. However in the eyes of the indigenous people, a great civilization or kingdom was in contrast to the European ideas. Generally native’s ideas of greatness were related to small or medium sized villages where all the people knew of each other. In architectural sense this meant large groups of
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