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Shafaat Rahman 2/14/12 “William Bradford’s Book 2” Reading Response #6 – Bradford’s Reports William Bradford being a firsthand account of the actions of settlers upon the new world in this piece describes the actions of the foreigners. Starting from the beginning, Bradford recounts the starving period in which dozens of men died during the winter due a lack of food and diseases they caught. But as he describes the situation he continues to reference the “lord” in each matter. He said things like; those that were of good intentions or showed kindness were sided with the lord and therefore sparred from the harsh conditions experienced by the others. In the next part of the book, he talks about the Indian’s relations to the French and the English. From the text the French were more frequently the harsh ones that when they encountered the Indians, they fought and killed them even keeping a few for sport. It got to the point where the Indian’s sought friendship or an alliance with the English. With the alliance it is said that the
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