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Shafaat Rahman 2/21/12 “The Wonders” “The Trial of Martha Carrier” Reading Response 8 – The Trials Cotton Mather, who like Mary Rowlandson, follows a distinct Puritan pattern of thought in the sense much of the content in his work relates worldly events to divine will or supernatural causes. In the first piece of literature, Cotton proceeds to talk about the evil that is said to be descending upon the land. Statements such as how Satan himself has sent devilish angels to take the form of innocent men in an attempt to fool the more wise and respectable in an attempt to ultimately ruin the land. Throughout the passage, referencing the devil in many aspects displays direct puritan thought and strong belief in religion and association with. World events such as drought and floods are also said to be causes of witchcraft reflecting the supernatural phenomena associated with the puritan way of thinking. In the second piece of literature, we learn of a prisoner accused of being a witch and hear
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