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Shafaat Rahman 3/1/12 HS 186 Source 10 Questions 1. Iliad tell us that in the Greek style of warfare, it’s very direct. It was very noble of a person fight directly with an opponent. Nonetheless it was a sure to be a very vicious battle. Once given a target or mission it was expected that task be complete as following the saying, kill or be killed. Nothing could stop the pursuing group other than death. 2. The Iliad suggests Greek city-states although Greek in nationality, first and foremost pledges it’s allegiance with the city it represents. Meaning, in times of warfare, each city was on its own. Whether it be a personal issue or economical issue, once a king declared war, war was inevitable. Prime example would be the case of Sparta invading Troy. In general relations between city-states were a neutral one until provoked. 3. In the Iliad, Gods played an influential role in the lives of the mortals. Not only did the
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Unformatted text preview: mortals look at Gods as very important divine figures, but also as figures to be feared. In the case of Hector and Achilles, the Gods influenced them as well. At the moment when Hector was fleeing from fighting Achilles, Athena tells Hector to quit running and turn to fight Achilles. In the end, Hector dies due to Athena’s influences. 4. Judging based of the story Homer tells, it appears that the Greek warriors were very brave in their fight. Although in certain cases may appear cowardice, when given a chance to prove themselves, they were very determine to succeed. Just like how no matter whom stood in Achilles’ way, he fought them and continued to pursue his target until the mission complete. Just the thought of doing more than asked to do evokes the feeling of bravery and pride....
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