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Shafaat Rahman 2/10/12 HS 186 6. Book of the Dead – Questions 1. Passing onto the afterlife was not easy. In order for the deceased to pass on successfully with good wellbeing, preparations had to be made ahead of time. First and foremost, the deceased that has this chant or scroll buried with them must have basically led a very pure and honest life. In other words, they must have helped the poor in terms of food or clothing, must have been kind to all around, committed no mortal sins such as adultery and finally been loyal to the holy spirits. If the deceased had led a pure life such as this then they are eligible to pass on to the afterlife fully and successfully. As an addition, during the burial, the corpse is required to be dressed in fresh garments, wearing white sandals, painted with stibium and be surrounded with offerings.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. (Question 3) When looking at Egyptian culture and comparing it to todays societies, there are a lot of similarities. From the reading the text, one can easily conclude Egyptians had a high sense of morality and developed sense of right and wrong. For example, in the reading the mention of adultery being a sin, in todays society is heavily frowned upon and resultant in a divorce. Others include providing or helping the poor with food and or clothing. Today there are various charities and organizations that ask for donations which directly benefit them. People that donate to organizations like the Red Cross or the Salvation Army are definitely looked at with high regard. All in all, a lot of these morals from Egyptian times are still used today with the same importance....
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