Lecture 2 - Varieties of Christianity 1/17/2012 Sex &...

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Varieties of Christianity 1/17/2012 Sex & Marriage - Judaism (Hebrew Scriptures) - Paganism - Christianity JUDAISM: Women are the property of men—first belong to father, then husband once married Hebrew bible says only a man can initiate a divorce Islam is update of Jewish bible with Christian updates (same sort of background when it comes to women) Economic factor in marriage When girl becomes part of husband’s family, he owns her property; only he can make distribution of property if divorced Adultery—capital sin=violation of another man’s property (i.e. only with another married woman) o Both man and woman get stoned o Prostitution is not a sin in Hebrew bible Mary Magdalene—not proved to be a prostitute; we only know that Jesus drew demons out of her; she was a disciple of Jesus and has her own gospel (according to Gnostics) In Judaism, it was a religious duty to marry and have kids (‘Be fruitful and multiply); that’s how they were to keep the Jewish nation alive Ritual purity (clean/unclean)—if entering temple or religious place, must be in a state of purity Menstruating woman unclean for 7 days; sin if you have sex with menstruating woman This does not make these women sinners (thought to be true by Christians) Corpse contamination made ppl ritually unclean (if visiting temple)—doesn’t make ppl a sinner Anything involving blood or semen (life) resulted in uncleanliness (including childbirth) All cultures/religions have some sort of incest laws
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Lecture 2 - Varieties of Christianity 1/17/2012 Sex &...

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