Lecture 7 - -the gospel of Judas 1...

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Varieties 3/13/2012 Apostolic Tradition—held by catholic and protestant churches; tradition claiming that at one point in time there was a pure form of Christianity (that of Jesus), which was passed on from generation to generation No perfect passing on of same identical teachings Gnostic thought was always viewed as a deviation from the truth No one body had ability to say that this is truth and this isn’t, they can only make claim that gnostics are wrong They go back to anything that Jesus said and say that anything deviating from that is wrong Gnostics claim (heretical): 1. 2 gods (creator and demi-urge-lesser god) 2. Jesus was never human 3. All of the material world is evil 4. Bodies are evil 5. No importance on crucifixion or resurrection of body 6. Salvation is individual 7. Resurrection=divinity 8. A distinction between Jesus (man) and Christ (Logos) Reverse Exegesis=reverse analysis
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Unformatted text preview: -the gospel of Judas 1. Ascetics (Askesis)—‘mind over matter’/soul comes before the body; celibacy, etc 2. Libertines=most radical left thinking, comes from period in France Cynics=skeptics—anti-anything having to do with establishment; think god’s authority has no power over them Gospel of Thomas Liberation Theology—1960’s Guitierez 140 CE—Marcion=gnostic “Antitheses”-God of old testament=god of wrath (Demi-urge/’justice’)-God of New Testament=God of love Marcion’s ‘Bible’: 10 Letters of Paul (Paul=1 st /earliest witness) the gospel of Luke (most Jewish of all gospels—come from stories in Hebrew bible) Church fathers combat with: 14 Letters of Paul 4 gospels + letters =new testament If anyone was a gnostic Jesus, it was John He’s different from the other three, uses metaphors...
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Lecture 7 - -the gospel of Judas 1...

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