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Quiz 1 WI 12 soln

Quiz 1 WI 12 soln - (Y or N N(3 How many bits of address...

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ECE265 Quiz 1 NAME: ______________________________________________ Winter 2012 THIS IS AN CLOSED BOOK/NOTES QUIZ (10 points) (3) The 68HC11 microcontroller’s memory space address range has a total size of _ 64K ___- (The answer is how many total bytes make up the memory space.) (2) Are all of these addresses occupied, i.e., have RAM or ROM physically there?
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Unformatted text preview: (Y or N) ___ N ______ (3) How many bits of address are required to address a specific address in this address space? _ 16 bits __ (2) The direct address mode only the least significant byte of the address of the operand is specified in the instruction. The most significant byte is what value? _____ $00 _____...
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