Quiz 3 WI 12 soln

Quiz 3 WI 12 soln - B accumulator by doing a subtraction...

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ECE265 Quiz 2 NAME: ______________________________________________ Winter 2012 THIS IS AN OPEN BOOK/OPEN NOTES QUIZ – NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (10 points) (2) The ABA instruction on the 68HC11 adds the contents of the A and B accumulators. Where is the result of the operation placed? The results will be in the A accumulator (2) For the ADCA instruction which bits of the condition code register (CCR) are affected? CCR bits H N Z V C ( X is also OK) (2) (True or False) The CBA instruction compares the contents of the A accumulator with the
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Unformatted text preview: B accumulator by doing a subtraction and sets the appropriate bits in the CCR. The original data in accumulators A and B are unchanged. Answer is True (2) What addressing mode is the SBA instruction?____________________________ This is an inherent addressing mode instruction (2) You have just completed an ADCA instruction on data that was in BCD format. What instruction should be executed to insure the result is valid BCD? ________ DAA _______...
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