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Quiz 4 WI 12 soln - At the end of the operation there no...

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ECE265 Quiz 4 NAME: _______ Quiz 4 KEY__________________ Winter 2012 THIS IS AN OPEN BOOK/OPEN NOTES QUIZ – NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (10 points) (6) The contents (byte) at memory location $0042 is to be added to the contents (byte) at memory location $0062 and the result output to Port B which is address $1004. Port B is an output port. Write the assembler language code to perform this operation (3 instructions needed). To perform the operation you can use the A and/or B accumulator.
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Unformatted text preview: At the end of the operation there no other actions is required. LDAA $42 OR LDAA $62 ADDA $62 ADDA $42 STAA $1004 STAA $1004 Using the B accumulator is OK. (4) Accumulator A contains the value of %0001 1100 and memory location $0030 contains the value %1110 1111 The ANDA $30 instruction is executed. What are the contents of accumulator after the execution of the instruction? __ $0000 1100 __ What is addressing mode used? ____ Direct Addressing Mode _______...
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