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MMIS 550 - Chapter 1 Review Questions - Robert Baxley

MMIS 550 - Chapter 1 Review Questions - Robert Baxley - R1...

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R1 Question: What is the difference between a host and an end system? List the types of end systems. Is a web server an end system? ANSWER: a.) According to the book on page 11, the term host and end system is used interchangeably so there is no difference b.) Some types of end systems can include: servers, desktop computers, IP capable picture frames, digital camera, refrigerators, toasters, web cams, sensors c.) Yes R4 Question: List six access technologies. Classify each one as a residential access, company access, or mobile access. ANSWER: 1.) Dial-up, Residential access 2.) DSL, Residential access 3.) Cable, Residential access 4.) Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), Residential access 5.) Ethernet, Company Access 6.) Wi-Fi, Residential & Company access 7.) Wide-Area (3G, WiMax), Mobile access R13 Question: Suppose there is exactly on packet switch between a sending host and a receiving host. The transmission rates between the sending host and the switch and between the switch and the receiving host are R1 and R2, respectively. Assuming that the switch uses store-and-forward
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