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MMIS 550 - Lesson 1 Research Assignment - Robert Baxley

MMIS 550 - Lesson 1 Research Assignment - Robert Baxley -...

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QUESTION: Zigbee is a wireless mesh network. How does it work? Why was it developed? Who is developing it? ANSWER: ZigBee is a low power, low data rate technology as specified in IEEE 802.15.4 and works by creating a peer-to-peer 2.4GHz wireless mesh network with compatible devices. ZigBee devices were developed to offer a low cost, low power way for devices to communicate wirelessly. These devices can communicated with other Zigbee devices directly or through other
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Unformatted text preview: connecting technologies such as 3G, consumer internet, WiMax and so on when connected through a gateway device. Zigbee is being actively developed by the ZigBee alliance which has a number of technology companies, standard organizations and other industry members who are working together to create and develop ZigBee in to a common communication standard. Note: Source: www.zigbee.org...
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