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S YLLABUS Course Information MMIS 550 Data Communications & Networking 3 Credit hours Professor Contact Information Randy Powell Adjunct Professor MMIS [email protected] (primary) [email protected] (secondary) (316) 945-0783 (home) (316) 734-0392 (mobile) Office Hours 6:00-8:00pm M-F Email or Cell Preferred Course Description This course explores both the hardware and software concepts that are relevant to current communications and networking technology and addresses the strategic importance of communications and networking in the current business environment. Integrates structured analysis and design techniques into the study of communications and networking problems. Course Objectives All graduates of Friends University will be able to demonstrate: the ability to read, write, and speak appropriately and effectively the ability to use mathematical concepts to solve problems the ability to use computers and understand developing technology in a contemporary society Graduates of the College of Adult and Professional Studies will be able to demonstrate: Demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and practice. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in their work environment. Gain new knowledge directly from the work environment. Demonstrate the ability to recognize and solve problems within their work environment. Demonstrate the ability to define and implement theory and innovative practices within their work environment. Course Outcomes This course provides a managerial level of technical knowledge, analysis and design Syllabus Page 1 of 5
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methodologies, and practical research activities of data communications and computer networks. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to: Examine the history of business data communications and the Internet. Evaluate current data communication technologies. Compare LAN architectures. Evaluate Wide Area Networks and internetworking technologies. Demonstrate the concepts of client/server computing. Compare network management methodologies. Design a data communications network to meet business needs.
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MMIS 550 Syllabus - SYLLABUS Course Information MMIS 550...

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