wh - gallo suarez(meg3556 – Topic 5 Electric Currents –...

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Unformatted text preview: gallo suarez (meg3556) – Topic 5: Electric Currents – gill – (11111) 1 This print-out should have 56 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – find all choices before answering. 001 3.0 points The potential difference between a storm cloud and the ground is 1 . 33 × 10 8 V. If a bolt carrying 4 C falls from a cloud to Earth, what is the change of potential energy of the charge? Answer in units of J 002 3.0 points It takes 150 J of work to move 2 . 7 C of charge from a positive plate to a negative plate. What voltage difference exists between the plates? Answer in units of V 003 (part 1 of 2) 3.0 points An object with a charge 3 C and a mass . 4 kg accelerates from rest to a speed of 19 m / s. Calculate the kinetic energy gained. Answer in units of J 004 (part 2 of 2) 3.0 points Through how large a potential difference did the object fall? Answer in units of V 005 3.0 points To recharge a 12 V battery, a battery charger must move 2 . 8 × 10 5 C of charge from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. How much work is done by the battery charger? Answer in units of J 006 3.0 points The total charge that an automobile battery can supply without being recharged is given in terms of Ampere-hours. A typical 12-V battery has a rating of 63 A · h . Suppose you forget to turn off the headlights in your parked automobile. If each of the two headlights draws 2 . 5 A , find out the time before your battery is “dead”. Answer in units of h 007 3.0 points In a particular television tube, a beam of electrons has a current of 7 . 6 × 10- 5 A . The magnitude of the charge on an electron is 1 . 602 × 10- 19 C . How long does it take for 1 . 72 × 10 14 to strike the screen? Answer in units of s 008 3.0 points Which of the following copper conductor con- ditions has the least resistance? 1. thick, long, and hot 2. thick, long, and cool 3. thick, short, and hot 4. thin, long, and cool 5. thin, short, and cool 6. thin, long, and hot 7. thick, short, and cool 8. thin, short, and hot 009 3.0 points A wire with a circular cross section and a resistance R is lengthened to 7 . 2 times its original length by pulling it through a small hole. After being pulled through the hole, the total volume of the wire is unchanged. Find the resistance of the wire after it is stretched. Answer in units of R 010 3.0 points A 5 . 8 Ω metal wire is cut into three equal pieces that are then connected side by side to form a new wire the length of which is equal to one-third the original length. What is the resistance of this new wire? Answer in units of Ω gallo suarez (meg3556) – Topic 5: Electric Currents – gill – (11111) 2 011 3.0 points A wire is made of a material with a resistiv- ity of 8 . 58882 × 10- 8 Ω · m. It has length 5 . 82636 m and diameter 0 . 3214 mm....
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wh - gallo suarez(meg3556 – Topic 5 Electric Currents –...

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