Chapter 1 Handout - 8/23/11! + + Today Introduction to N309...

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8/23/11 1 + Alexandra Garcia, PhD, RN Associate Professor UT Austin School of Nursing Introduction to N309 Global Health + Today ! Introductions ! Who are you and where have you been? ! What do you want to learn or accomplish in N309? ! Discuss syllabus ! Discuss Chapter 1 + Chapter 1 Objectives ! DeFne health, public health, and global health ! Di f erentiate between public health and medicine ! Discuss importance of global health ! DeFne Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) ! Identify importance of MDG’s What’s happening today in Global Health ! World Health Organization ! + Health is… ! “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of inFrmity.” (WHO, 1948) + Ways of looking at health: ! Clinical - ! The absence of disease, illness, or symptoms ! ±unctional - ! Ability to perform as expected in social/work roles Smith, J. (1981). The idea of health: A philosophical inquiry. Advances in Nursing Science, 3(3), 43-50.
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8/23/11 2 + ! Adaptive - ! Ability to adapt to environment and stressors, maintain stability ! Eudaimonistic - ! Ideal state of human nature. Exuberant well-being . Transcendence to higher levels of humanness. Ability to achieve highest potentials Smith (1981) + Signs of Positive Health ! Healthy body, healthy habits ! High quality personal relationships ! Sense of purpose in life ! Self-regarded mastery of life’s tasks ! Resilience to stress, trauma, change + What is Public Health? !
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Chapter 1 Handout - 8/23/11! + + Today Introduction to N309...

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