Chapter 9 Handout - N309 Global Health! Womens Health!...

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1 Women’s Health N309 Global Health Alexandra A. Garcia, PhD, RN The University of Texas at Austin Objectives Describe importance of women s health Describe determinants of women s health and related maternal mortality Describe important health conditions facing women, especially in the childbearing years Describe success stories in improving women s health Maternal-Child Health (MCH) Cornerstone of Global Health Safe motherhood + Child survival MCH and Women’s Health Shorter-term: ! Maternal mortality & morbidity reduction affects women ` s health ! Maternal health affects fetal & infant survival Lifespan perspective ! Mother ` s health from her childhood affects her health during pregnancy ! Diseases during pregnancy (hypertension, diabetes) are sentinel events for later women ` s health (pregnancy-chronic disease linkage) BeneFts of Breastfeeding Reduced maternal illnesses ! Post partum hemorrhage ! Type 2 diabetes ! Breast cancer ! Ovarian cancer ! Postpartum depression ! Overweight Better spacing of births Reduced costs Improves maternal/child bonding More convenient Eco-friendly Reasons for ±ocusing on Women ` s Health Health problems speciFc to women Health disparities between men and women Women’s health affects whole family’s health ! High maternal mortality and infant mortality in developing countries Relatively low cost solutions available DALYs high with death/disability in childbearing years
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2 Women ` s Biological Risks Iron defciency anemia Pregnancy related conditions ! Hemorrhage ! Exacerbated health conditions (e.g., malaria ! Uterine prolapse and obstetric fstulas Increased susceptibility to STIs Uterine and breast cancer More diabetes and heart disease Women ` s Social Risks PreFerence For males over Females ! Abortion oF Female Fetuses ! Poorer nutrition · Less breastFeeding and lower quality Food Sexual abuses Early marriage ±ewer legal rights, less control over liFe Unequal pay and more poverty ±ewer educational opportunities Which MDGs related to women’s health? Sex and Gender Sex is biological Gender is cultural Maternal Health Indicators Maternal mortality rate ! A preventable event – See ! In the UK, every maternal death is studied to learn and prevent Future deaths % oF births attended by skilled health personnel ! Rural and urban % births by Cesarean section
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Chapter 9 Handout - N309 Global Health! Womens Health!...

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